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What We Do

We create places of value by crafting our clients’ visions into high-performing, sustainable environments that create exceptional experiences for the people and communities they serve.

We collaborate with our clients to design environments that reflect their distinct vision.

The results allow users and visitors to experience the space in a way that strengthens and enhances our clients’ physical presence and position. Every project is unique, but the measure of success is the same: creating meaningful, enduring places that inspire, nurture and perform.

In engineering, there is often a battle for function over form.

Our team of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers design building systems that function within the form. We combine our technical expertise in all types of projects—from small renovations to complex building types—with diligent analysis to develop integrated engineering solutions with the flexibility to grow.

Spaces may be measured in three dimensions, but they are evaluated on many: light, color, texture, finishes and furnishings.

Applying evidence-based theory, our interior design team carefully calibrates each facet to achieve the ideal balance of structure and mood for the space’s intended purpose. We work with our clients to create environments that make an impact beyond measure.

Building Types


From hospitals to energy plants to churches, all building types share a common thread: the need for great design. To bring a building to life, superior planning, engineering and construction must harmonize with the design. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of building types and we invite you to explore more of our work.



We are an ideas-driven firm that understands how research and education are the cornerstones of great design.


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