Design a concept for a small hospital that provides a patient-centered healing environment with a near-zero energy impact on the environment while using the latest technology to improve quality and reduce costs.



  • Provide an innovative, technologically advanced safe healthcare environment which ‘thrives’: connecting the art and science of healthcare practice in a community based model of care delivery.
  • Architectural design will not only foster new and innovative practice, but help shape it for patients, families and caregivers as well as the community they live in.
  • Continuum of illness and wellness encompasses three core domains: architecture, clinical care and process engineering, moving between and throughout the domains.
  • Healthcare delivery system incorporates the art and science of patient care, the environment of care and the operations of care.



  • A flexible, adaptable + expandable facility with no down time. The site is adaptable to terrain or size.
  • A modular 32’ x 32’ structural grid with flexible care neighborhoods that can be used for inpatient or outpatient services.
  • An interventional platform. Observation neighborhoods allows for shared departmental output flexibility. Universal rooms & neighborhoods.
  • Operating rooms sized to fit multiple modalities and procedures.
  • Multiple track ED with flexible units + observation points to reduce wait times, personalize care + reduce staff.
  • Multiple devices and locations to access data connected to system. Plug & play modules. Kiosks for check in throughout.