An energy audit of the Olin Library at Rollins College was performed to analyze energy consumption and confirm the environmental benefits of energy savings.



  • Background building information including historical energy consumption & descriptions of existing building systems was collected.
    • Area lighting, task lighting, miscellaneous equipment, exterior usage, pumps & auxiliaries, ventilation fans, water heating, ht pump support, space heating, refrigeration, heat rejection, and space cooling utilities were analyzed.
  • Completed energy retrofit measures and results were assessed.
  • Using the energy model, additional energy efficiency measures were simulated to determine their economic feasibility.



  • The energy use index for the facility was found to be 43 Kbtu/ft2 per year.
  • This is significantly lower than the national average for education facilities of 83 Kbtu/ft2 per year even considering the extended hours for the library.
  • Due to the efficient design and continued maintenance, annual energy savings of over $93,000 has resulted.
  • The Olin Library‚Äôs reduced carbon footprint saves an estimated 577 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually- equivalent to taking over 113 cars off the road every year, saving over 64,000 gallons of gasoline annually.