• Compare centralized and de-centralized clinical work configurations.
  • Learn about national benchmarking standards – National Nurses Time and Motion Study.
  • Learn about the function of simulation modeling in post occupancy evaluations.
  • Understand the correlation between design intent and operational reality.



  • MD Anderson Orlando Planning
    • Compare 1997 and 2010 guidelines
  • Review and Assess the Previous Study
    • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • A 36 Hospital Time and Motion Studyy
    • How Do Medical Surgical Nurses Spend their Time?
  • Simulation Modeling: A Suggestion for Future Research
    • Analysis of Variables as Compared to National Nurses Time and Motion Study
    • Architectural Correlational Studies



  • 2010 fgi guidelines include all private rooms, a private toilet room, 150 nsf per room, 4’ @ sides + 5’ at the foot of bed, and a sink at the room entrance.
  • Decentralized and Centralized themes. Look for and travel to: Nurses, Computers, Supplies and Outlets. Allied Health Professionals encounter Face to Face communication, “Real-time” charting and Departmental laptops.
  • More than 75% of all reported time devoted to nursing practice including patient care activities, care coordination, medication administration and documentation.
  • 245 feet / shift / nurse or 89425 feet / year / nurse or 17 miles / year / nurse