Geometry of Clinical Efficiency


Research Question: What is the most efficient triangular unit?

Scope of Study:

  • Reviewed existing literature and research
  • Reviewed built examples of triangular units
  • Developed triangular variations and component arrangements
  • Measured time + distance of selected units
  • Performed a lean design analysis through simulation modeling


  • Smaller units using flexible divisions of twelve rooms.
  • Acuity adaptable: larger rooms, increased visibility + support.
  • Decentralized nursing station placed at circulation points.
  • Provide multiple flexible work + observation places: public + private.
  • Allow visibility of peers to peers: enhancing wayfinding + support.
  • Separate public + service circulation paths.
  • Provide collaborative staff spaces: bump spaces to privacy.
  • Provide multiple levels of family + respite space throughout the unit.