What We Do

We create places of value by crafting our clients’ visions into high-performing, sustainable environments that create exceptional experiences for the people and communities they serve.


We believe architecture is the art and discipline of creating meaningful places for people to live, visit, work and heal. Meaningful architecture is the result of a process, beginning with the client. Our architects design spaces that reflect each client’s distinct vision – we tell their story. We combine their wants and needs with our knowledge of how people use and experience spaces to create strategic solutions for each project. Our highly collaborative team encompasses the communal and physical needs of our clients, users and the community they serve.

With each client, we strive to create places of lasting value that inspire, nurture and perform. We believe that well designed environments should strengthen a client’s business and allow them to perform at their highest level. We create architecture that serves with a purpose.


Our in-house mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers design building systems that are functional, flexible, sustainable and cost-efficient. Our engineers are skillful technicians experienced in all types of projects, from small renovations to comprehensive, highly-sensitive secure building types. We analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems, whether improving and maintaining current systems or creating new processes. We understand the importance of designing flexible systems to allow for future growth. Our engineers work closely with owners, user groups and architectural team members to develop integrated engineering solutions that support the overall building systems and architecture.

Interior Design

We design interior spaces for learning and healing, efficiency and comfort, body and spirit. Our collaborative and integrated team of interior designers generates interior solutions that blend with the architecture to represent a unified design philosophy. We deliver innovative, superior, and sustainable designs that perform. Beyond the selection of interior finishes and colors, our interior designers look at the three-dimensional aspects of each space to ensure the layout, function, proportion and aesthetics are aligned. Sustainable practices and materials, and evidence-based theory are applied to each project. We create remarkable environments that respond to our client’s goals and budgets by carefully balancing space, light, color, texture, finishes and furnishings.

Additional Services

Beyond our core architecture, engineering, and interior design disciplines, we offer additional services including:


The future is far from linear. Effective planning establishes a framework for growth while allowing for flexibility, integration, technological advances and adaptability to change. Whether departmental or campus-wide, a successful master plan is flexible enough to overcome the expected and unforeseen. Using a dynamic approach, RLF’s planners work hand-in-hand with our clients to tell their story in a concise yet compelling way. Our planning services include Feasibility Studies, Visioning, Strategic Planning, Design Guidelines, Planning Regulations, Site Analysis & Site Selection, Master Planning, Building Programming, and Code Analysis. From renovations to new development, master planning to operational planning, our multi-disciplinary teams ensure a complete and comprehensive solution that addresses our client’s current and future needs.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling, known as BIM, has radically evolved the design process. This three-dimensional modeling software saves valuable manual input and coordination time, allowing designers to do what they do best – design. By reducing time spent tracking program elements, manual labor, and other details of the traditional “drawing process,” we now create more time for developing, analyzing and challenging program elements. This heightens the concept level and provides enhanced dynamic solutions for our clients. Most importantly, BIM helps us better serve our clients with more accurate designs and building documents that result in less errors and changes. Our clients can also utilize BIM to manage their own facility more effectively, saving operational/maintenance costs.

As an early adopter, RLF has leveraged this sophisticated technology across all disciplines – architecture, engineering and interior design – challenging traditional work flows for enhanced coordination and project delivery. Our commitment has led us to the forefront of the BIM industry evolution. Our BIM leaders are frequent presenters, published authors, and distinguished professionals of The buildingSMART alliance, the National Institute of Building Sciences, AutoDesk University, EcoBuild, SMARTBIM, and AIA’s New Technologies, Alliances, Practices – to name a few. RLF strives to deliver exceptional services and push the boundaries of BIM, developing new strategies for continually improving our methods of project delivery.


RLF shares a passion for creating exceptional spaces and our environment. Responsible growth drives benefits for both clients and users. Our integrated design teams include LEED-accredited professionals who are trained in all aspects of green design who understand how to maximize our resources and eliminate waste. We analyze options, develop strategies and build consensus to create truly healthy, high-performance environments. Strategies such as daylighting, high-efficiency lighting, HVAC systems and optimized building envelopes and orientations are standard practice on all RLF projects. We are committed to creating sustainable, cost-effective solutions that reduce energy costs, provide long-term efficiencies and improve productivity.

RLF’s commitment to sustainability is made evident by the integration of “green” design as a matter of process and policy. Using sustainable design as a guiding principle, we approach every commission as an opportunity to achieve design excellence, develop client-centered solutions, and nurture the human spirit while acknowledging our civic responsibility on both a local and global scale.