What Drives Us

We believe that well-designed environments can transform culture and enrich lives. We share a passion to improve the places where we work, live, learn and heal. We strive to tell your story – working together to create exceptional places.

Our Passion

Our mission is to create high performing places that inspire + nurture the human spirit. We believe that a well-designed environment has the capacity to enrich people’s daily life, and at its best, elevate our existence. Our practice has focused on meaningful building types; places that serve our community and shape our culture. In every project, we strive to create transformative places that inspire people to improve, nurture their potential + outperform expectations, strengthening our client’s business.

Our commitment to excellence encompasses all areas of our business combining artistic design, functional planning and integrating technology and tools to achieve the highest quality of design and level of service for our clients. Our creative process is firmly rooted in the idea that listening is a cornerstone of great design. By truly understanding the needs and wants of our clients, we improve the places where we work, live, learn and heal.

Giving Back

Supporting over twenty local charities, our commitment to the community extends beyond our business to a wider range of activities. Some of these partnerships include:

Second Harvest Food Bank
Habitat for Humanity
American Cancer Society
Boy Scouts of America
American Diabetes Association
Junior Achievement
Valencia Community College
Orlando Health
Florida Hospital Foundation
American Health Association
Boys and Girls Club
Heart of Florida United Way
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Make A Wish Foundation
Great Oaks Village - Orlando, Florida

Each organization can face hardships and setbacks at one time or another, and when met with support and graciousness from surrounding communities and individuals- you can’t help but be inspired to give back. At RLF, we believe in doing good deeds for others including our clients, communities, and internal team. Whether through donations to humane charities, raising funds for guide dog programs, corroborating local businesses, hosting hunger projects, celebrating monthly team member birthdays, or extending gratitude to a team member who has gone above and beyond, we believe in being attentive wherever there are opportunities to help others. Some of our team mentor our newer staff, some organize blood drives, and others selflessly offer their skill sets to restore internal operations. The idea is to consciously increase the goodness of the world through selfless acts, no matter how small. We work to inspire and nurture the human spirit, and that can encourage unexpected kindness among strangers.

Paying It Forward

Our passion drives our research, training + education efforts, creating a culture of innovation + improvement that pushes ourselves and our industry forward. When presenting our research and helping train and educate other professionals in our industry, we share this knowledge in hopes of giving back to our trade. We accomplish this through:


Developing new tools and processes to help the industry evolve and grow, improving our profession

RLF has truly evolved as a pioneer in testing the program, investing our time and money into the technology. Members of our team have immersed themselves and become BIM trained professionals, sharing their passion and knowledge with colleagues and other audiences.

Training + Education

Conducting collaborative learning sessions within our field of service and across disciplines

RLF has taken pride in presenting at industry conferences and hosting informational seminars to train others and foster the evolution of our disciplines, paying this knowledge forward.